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October 7, 2021

Last night we started our series in the book of JONAH! We did an overview of the book, reading through each of the chapters and pausing to reflect, citing our observations and questions that came up from every chapter. It was really cool to see the students dive deep (pun-intended) into a biblical story that pretty much all of them knew really well. I think that they likely surprised themselves with how much more is in this book than there seems to be at first glance. They noted that Jonah is pretty silly to try and run from the Lord, that the pagan sailors had more faith than Jonah did, and that it’s quite irresponsible to care about plants more than people. Also, they thought it was funny that even the cows fasted…

Needless to say, it was a really good night in the Scriptures and SO good to get back into our normal rhythm of youth ministry. We are going to be spending the next 5 weeks going through the book of Jonah. I can’t wait!

Remember, there is a member vote happening THIS SUNDAY @ 6:00pm on the transition of Matt Arnett into the role of youth ministry intern. If you have any notes, questions, or concerns regarding Matt, please don’t delay in reaching out. 🙂

With you and for you in Christ.

Ryan Aufenkamp

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