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On Your Mark, Get Set, Mow!

I haven’t had to think about mowing my lawn since last fall, but the winter break is almost over. The ground is saturated with water, the daylight and temps are steadily increasing and the grass is ready to leap into action. Lawns never look better than they do in late spring. If they are well cared for, that is.

I’m sure there’s a spiritual metaphor in this, but my purpose for writing today is more practical. I am hoping to find a few good lawn care people who will serve the Lord by cutting the grass. Plus, I think our church family should know how the facility and grounds are taken care of and to be aware of the service opportunities that exist.

  • Mowing the Lawn: After having been blessed with two men who took care of mowing the lawn for the last 15 years, we are now in need of someone to do this. My hope is find two people who know how to mow and edge a lawn excellently who will share this role. The church owns the necessary equipment. We just need the people who have a passion for keeping the lawn looking great.
  • Weeding the Flowerbeds: We work hard to keep our landscaping looking good as a way of honoring the Lord and making everyone feel welcome as we gather. Two or three times a year, we organize a Family Work Day to pull weeds and clean up the flowerbeds. In between those events, I and a few other dedicated members work to keep the weeds under control. If you are passionate about this, I would love to coordinate with you!
  • Cleaning the Facility: Because our facility is so heavily used, we hire an affordable janitorial service to clean the 12,000 square feet of facility twice a week. The work is normally done in the late evening after the activities have wrapped up.
  • Maintaining the Building: Regular maintenance for major systems is performed by qualified service techs we contract with. But there is a continual flow of minor maintenance that is done by EBC members with ‘handyman’ skills. If you have such know-how and want to be on the contact list when needs arise, please let me know!

Pastor Toby

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