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Options 360 Pregnancy Clinic

Today we want to share a video testimony with you of a young couple who visited Options 360. Options 360 provides ultrasounds, and when this couple saw the pictures and held the picture of their baby in their hands, for the first time they realized he was an actual baby and that their decision had gotten a lot harder. After seeing the ultrasound pictures, they fell in love and made the decision to keep their baby. We hope this video will make an impact, move your heart and be valuable for you in understanding the struggle and what’s on the line with the precious lives of unborn children hanging in the balance.

Options 360 is one organization that is reaching out to pregnant women and young couples. It’s an entry point and a front line for engaging people who are in these situations. If you are trying to figure out how to engage somebody who really needs to think through their situation and communicate the critical truth in love of recognizing that a life is at stake, Options 360 is one of the best ways to do that. It’s not the only answer on how to stand for the sacred value of human life but it’s one we are familiar with and one of the most strategic.

EBC has a number of people who are part of our congregation who serve there and volunteer there, and this coming weekend we are going to encourage you to join together as a family to partner with and support Options 360 and take part in their annual Baby Bottle Campaign. We will have a huge supply of baby bottles and are encouraging you to take one of those and from Mother’s Day through Father’s Day, be filling it with loose change. Yes this is a fundraiser, and gathering change is one goal, but even more so, our goal is awareness. Put the baby bottle where you’ll see it so that it’s on your heart, so that it’s on your mind, so that it lifts up prayer on behalf of unborn babies, and so that it increases your compassion for crisis pregnancies of all varieties.

We want to have a heart for the moms, and the dads, and the kids, and everybody who is connected in a crisis pregnancy situation. We want to recognize that lives are at stake in our country. We want to help and be involved in that. We want to be supporting those who are in that first point of contact arena like those who are serving at Options 360.

Visit Options 360 to find other ways you can help or volunteer.

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