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Ordaining the Masses

Do you ever get tired of the endless appeals to “get involved” at EBC? Have you grown weary of the next “opportunity” that one of us Pastors is “excited” to “encourage” you to “consider” being a part of (the words in quotations being our obvious favorite words to use during announcements)? Quite honestly, I’m sometimes tired of making the appeal, and I would imagine the same goes for Pastor Toby and Pastor Ryan.

So why do we continue to try to get every single person at EBC to be involved in ministry? Why not let the “attenders” attend and let the “Ministers” minister? In short, because if you are a Christian, you are a Minister, with a capital “M”! You’ve been ordained! Remember that the Apostle Paul told us that: “All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation” (2 Corinthians 5:18). Do you know who the “us” in that verse refers to? Us! All of us! Young and old, experienced and inexperienced alike. We are all Ministers of the reconciliation that can happen between people and God.

That’s why it brings me joy to look back on our ministry at the W.H.O. from a few weeks ago. Did you know that we had eighty-eight EBC Ministers, including several kids, team up to make our week a huge success?!? Twenty-eight of those Ministers were brand new to the W.H.O., including Angela Brans, who volunteered to be the laundry driver. Mary Mills once again came through in providing hot meals for the guests each night of our week. And Jill Anderson did a phenomenal job of organizing and directing our efforts so that we could let our light shine before men (Matthew 5:16). Thank you to all of 2016’s W.H.O. Ministers!

2017 is now in full swing and the world is more in need of Jesus than ever. Look for ways to be the Minister that you are. We will continue to spur you along and give you ideas. In fact, here comes one now: Even though it’s not our week, it’s still cold outside and the W.H.O. is in need of many slots to be filled (for both the family and the men’s locations). Please contact Jill Anderson if you can minister in this way. I’m “excited” about this “opportunity” and “encourage” you to “consider” it.

Pastor Matt

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