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Orphans, Aliens, Refugees and the Displaced

When we became Christians, we went from orphans to aliens. Strange huh? And isn’t it especially weird to think of ourselves as “aliens”? I can’t help it; when I hear that term, my mind always first thinks of those little green creatures from outer space. But the dictionary defines an alien as “a foreigner, especially one who is not a naturalized citizen of the country where they are living”. Thus, if we are Christians, we are aliens, spiritually speaking. The earth, at least as it is now, is not our home. The Apostle Peter calls us “aliens and strangers in this world”, further driving home the truth that we might be from this world but we are no longer of this world nor will we reside here forever. In light of 2020, can I get a “hallelujah”?!?

As spiritual aliens then, we can certainly empathize with the physical refugee and the displaced, as neither of them are home either. Refugees have had to flee their country of origin for safety while displaced persons flee their residence, but not country, for safety. We, along with them, all long for home, but because of sin and the havoc it’s wreaked on earth, we’re displaced (first and foremost from God’s great garden).

As it turns out, we aliens currently have an opportunity to help actual refugees and displaced persons. This weekend I mentioned that we are helping our displaced siblings of Gates Community Church who lost their homes to fire. We’re currently collecting gift cards for them (you can bring them to EBC). Get more information here. I also encourage you to check out this opportunity to join a group in serving another community in that area hit hard by fire. Also, two weeks ago, I mentioned that we’d be showing a movie highlighting the plight of the refugee. Come Friday, or stay tuned for how we are planning on caring for refugees in the Vancouver/Portland area.

One day, we’ll get to go home. Until then, we get to join Jesus in extending His offer of adoption that we once received to a world full of orphans. As adopted children thirsting for home we get to help quench the thirst of the refugee and displaced to feel at home while simultaneously shining a light on the one who desires to be their true and forever home.

So I invite you brothers and sisters, while we wait for home, let’s not just wait for home.

Pastor Matt

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