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Our Boy Is All Grown Up

This is my first day back in the office after two weeks of vacation and I am happy to say I feel very refreshed. I know it’s truly a vacation when I can’t immediately remember what day of the week it is.

Overall, we rafted the Rogue River the first week and explored the Olympic National Forest the second week. But one of the sweetest moments was the chance to visit the Daniells family in their new home and to go to church with them the next day.

Keyport Bible Church is located in the quaint little town of Keyport right on the shore of Puget Sound. As we got out of the truck I savored the beautiful setting and the fresh morning air with a slight salt tang. The Keyport Marina is visible from the church parking lot.

However, the people of KBC were even more delightful than the scenery. Matt and Annette introduced us to many of the people who form the core of that church family and it was marvelous simply to observe the hum of relationship as the room filled up with people.

The elements of the worship service were quite similar to what we are familiar with at Evergreen, but with their own unique Keyport personality. But it felt wonderfully familiar since Pastor Matt was the one welcoming people to worship and preaching. I smiled as I watched him lead this new church family to the Lord with his characteristic joy, sincerity and humor.

Visiting Matt and Annette in Keyport felt very much like parents visiting one of their kids who has grown up and established a family and place of their own. I felt happy, proud and thankful to God for his manifest goodness.

Pastor Toby

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