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Out With the Old, In With the New

Some things grow better with time, but buildings are not one of them. Certain structures may grow more dear to our hearts as the years roll by because of the history, heritage and memories of special times which took place there. But the actual building itself gradually declines. Eventually, its value is used up and it must give way to something new.

Such was the case with Evergreen’s original church building. Constructed as a school in 1912, the newly formed church purchased it in 1946 and used that school building heavily for the next 60 years. Eventually, every major component of that old facility was failing, and so a demolition crew finally crunched it up and stuffed it in some dumpsters. For EBC long-timers, it was the end of an era, and there was real sorrow as we watched that dear old building come down. But the sorrow was overwhelmed by excitement at the new building which took its place.

Tomorrow morning our church will experience the beginning of a similar process as a demo crew will come take down a couple of small buildings to clear the way for a major facility addition called Phase II. This project was a major focus for our church family last year with planning and approval in the spring followed by a major fundraising campaign launched in the fall. But for the last five months, we have said very little about it. Fundraising has been quietly been coming along well, while our architect, engineers and contractor have been doing all the things necessary to obtain building permits.

However, it is now time for Phase II to come front and center again. The demo begins tomorrow which will be the first big visual sign something big is happening. This weekend we will bring a report in the worship services about the purpose, timeline and funding for the project as we begin to give Phase II the attention it requires. God willing, there will be a lot of exciting things to see this summer as the old gives way to the new. May the Lord build the house. (Psalm 127:1)

Pastor Toby

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