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Phase II: Making the Most of Our Gifts

After a month of notices and summaries, we finally presented the Phase II facility project to the congregation in full detail last Sunday night. This major project represents the completion of the master facility plan that was established 17 years ago to maximize the ministry God has entrusted to us.

If you missed out on some of presentations or wish to review the information, here are links to the most important resources.

The driving purpose of the Phase II project is to dramatically increase the size, efficiency and effectiveness of our disciple-making mission. Key features include an expanded parking lot with a second entry which will relieve congestion and increase accessibility. A large multi-purpose room will facilitate Awana and youth group, as well as banquets, receptions and countless other ministries which require a large space. Children’s ministry space will greatly benefit from better placement and proximity to increase effectiveness and safety. Our pastors will finally each have their own offices in the same area for the purpose of regular collaboration. Perhaps most significantly, Phase II will open the door (literally) to a wide array of new ministries that cannot happen at present because our current space is so heavily used.

In short, Phase II would make our facility so much more useful!

The questions from the congregation last Sunday night seem to indicate a very positive attitude about the prospect of moving forward with Phase II. The Leadership Team is certainly encouraged by this and we look forward to the second congregational meeting on Sunday, June 5 when the members will vote on the proposal. Everything we are hearing so far leads us to believe the project will be approved.

However, there is a big difference between saying ‘I believe Phase II should happen’ and ‘I will do all I can to help make Phase II happen.’ Believing it should happen is easy and doesn’t cost anything. But the members of our church family must decide if we are ready to embrace the commitment to prayer, unity and giving necessary to see this project through. I hope you will join me in praying fervently over this matter as we seek God’s will together.

Pastor Toby

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