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Picture Takers Wanted

Do you love taking pictures? Do you have a camera of some sort (phone, point and shoot, DSLR, Phantom 3, etc)? We are looking to create a pool of digital pictures from EBC events, ministries, worship services, classes, and anything else EBC-related, that could potentially be used on the EBC Website (which is still a work in progress, but hey, we’ve made a bit of progressJ). Why? Because a picture is worth a thousand words, as I assume you already know. And I’ve heard, though it hasn’t been verified, that a really good picture can be worth upwards of 1500 words! We would like to do our very best to give people a good sense of what EBC is like through our website, and pictures are one of the best ways to do that.

So would you like to be an official EBC Picture Taker, with the possibility that your fine works of art may end up on the EBC Website? There are really only two steps you need to take in order to become an official EBC Picture Taker. I will list those steps below.

  • Step 1: Start taking pictures during EBC-happenings.
  • Step 2: Find a way to get those digital images us (email, dropbox, hand delivered, carrier pigeon, pony express, singing courier, etc).

How will we go about determining which pictures end up on the website? Well, I’m glad you asked. We will collect the pictures in a folder on the computer, and we will use the pictures that seem best and most fitting for the particular place we are needing a picture. So that means your pictures may get used on the website, and they may not. And it’s really hard to say until we see the pictures we have in front of us. But I hope that doesn’t deter you from giving some picture taking the ol’ college try, because we really could use the help. And even if it takes you 100 bad pictures before you get a good one (it takes me several hundred before I even get a half-decent one), that one-in-one-hundred picture may be just perfect for our needs.

As a final note, we will be asking permission from all who are recognizable in any given picture before we post that image to our website. So have no fear that someone is going to catch you at your worst possible moment and stick that picture online for the whole world to see. If we end up hoping to use a picture that you or any of your kids are in, we will show you that image and give you the opportunity to veto the use of that picture.

So grab your cameras and join in the picture-taking fun!

Oh, and one more final-er note. We especially love pictures that are bright and crisp, as opposed to dreary and low resolution. Sometimes it can be a real challenge to get a good picture in the Sanctuary, in particular, because there’s no natural light. So be on the lookout for good lighting, bright colors, and ideally, reasonably high resolution pictures. If none of that makes any sense to you, that’s ok, too. Just point, shoot, and see what you get!

Pastor Ryan

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