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Planning Ahead

I don’t mean to be “one of those people”. You know, the people who remind you that we have 32 days until Fall, 91 until Thanksgiving, 125 days until Christmas, etc. I’m not trying to be that guy. (If you like to be “that” guy or girl, that’s ok, too.) But whether we want to look ahead or not, in two weeks Labor Day will be behind us and, for most of us, we will have turned a corner back toward “normal life”.

Before we turn that corner, I think we’d all be wise to take stock of what “normal life” looks like, so we can make decisions on whether there is anything that should be added, subtracted, changed, or kept the same.

A couple years ago, at right about this point in the summer, I made a decision about an addition to my life. I decided to offer to teach Sunday School for the K-5 grade at 11:00 every week. I was fully nervous about making that offer. I knew that it meant giving up some freedom. Plus kids can be challenging! And I knew there would be weeks I wake up and wouldn’t want to do it. But I went for it, and I’m glad I did. I am excited for what’s ahead as I continue to serve in that role this school year.

I made another one of those decisions today: I am planning to regularly be in attendance at the Men’s Life Group that meets on Tuesdays from 12:00-1:00pm at the church. And I would give an encouragement to everyone in our church, to give some real thought to whether you would be benefitted by taking a similar step to join one of the many Life Groups that are available, as well.

I don’t want to give the impression that the right choice is always to add things to your life, though. Over the years there have also been things that we, as a family, have decided to stop doing, or to never start doing. Not because they aren’t good things to do, but because there aren’t as many hours and days in a week as there are good things to do. So it’s important to be wise with what things we allow to fill our schedule. And it’s ok to scale back from over-commitment when you realize that you’re in over your head. Sometimes the thing holding us back from the growth God has for us is a schedule jammed so tightly that there’s never a moment to think or pray.

As the calendar inches ever closer to that “normal life” that is ahead, I’d simply encourage you to ask if there is anything you should add, subtract, or change. Or to re-affirm the decision to continue to do what you have already been doing. If you need any help looking for a place to serve the Lord, or if you need help finding a Life Group where you’ll be pointed to Christ and be encouraged to walk with Him, I’d love to help with that. Or if you are looking for help as you consider where you might make cuts in order to find a healthier balance in your week, I’m happy to be sounding board with that, as well.

I am hopeful that as we turn the corner into this next “normal” season, that it will be a season of growth in the Lord for all of us. Let’s make plans toward that end!

Pastor Ryan Donovan

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