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Plumbing and People

“Did you have a good vacation?” That’s the natural question we all field when we return from some time away. Since I am blessed to have many who care about my wellbeing, I will take this opportunity to say yes, it was delightful. Not only was I off work last week, I have had a three-week break from preaching and feel very refreshed.

“What did you do?” is always the next question. I could tell you about our rafting trip down the Rogue River, because that was the bulk of the week. But most of you have endured plenty of my rafting reports and this trip was really uneventful. No flips, injuries, illnesses, bad weather, rattlesnakes or bear encounters. Just a boring week of sunshine, fun and natural beauty.

I was inspired this morning to tell you about another hobby I invested time in last week: fixing our toilet. I have spent time repairing the commode near our master bedroom for the last six months, to the point it has become a running joke for Kristin and me.

First it began leaking around the flapper. (For those who have never had the pleasure of wrestling with the inner workings of a toilet, the flapper is what lifts when you push the handle, allowing the cleansing water to flow.) Ours is apparently a modern type of flapper and a special replacement gasket was required to fix the leak. Only took me two tries if I recall.

Then the toilet handle broke. The arm inside the tank simply snapped. No big deal, I thought; just get a new one. Well, none of the replacement handles I could find at the hardware store fit the same, and I went through several before I found one that would work. But even it wasn’t exactly right.

Next, it was the chain. I fully accept it as an indictment on my repair skills, but I went through at least four different kinds before I finally got one that attached properly and didn’t break, come loose or get twisted. It was so aggravating that my sweet wife was loathe to let me know recently that the toilet was again not functioning properly. Two more trips to Parkrose Hardware later, things are flowing smoothly. I don’t dare predict how long it will last.

Now I am resuming my work as a pastor where the goal is to help believers overcome our natural selfishness by the power of the Spirit and become more like Jesus. Plumbing suddenly looks simple. I’d better learn to pray.

Pastor Toby

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