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Quietly Serving Jesus in a Noisy World

I praise God for the mute button. In this final week before election day, the barrage of campaign ads is like a blizzard with total whiteout conditions. Except it feels more like a grayout, as nearly all the spots show a grim, black and white photo of the opposing candidate scowling, ostensibly because they hate everyone and want to ruin our lives. The mute button helps me stay sane and keep angst at bay.

In beautiful contrast to the noise of political bickering, I love the fact that voting is a silent activity. For the Christian, voting is to be an hour of prayer, seeking to better understand God’s heart and mind through his Word and asking his help to cast votes that reflect his character. We do so recognizing the extraordinary privilege of helping influence our community by the simple act of thoughtfully filling out our ballot.

As I mentioned this past weekend, one resource that may be helpful as you seek to cast votes that align with God’s Word is www.WeBelieveWeVote.com. There are other good resources available as well and I urge you not to get lost in the blizzard. Rather, take refuge from the storm in the shelter of God’s holy Scripture and pray as you vote for his will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Pastor Toby

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