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Redemption Stories Continued

Last month I wrote about the salvation stories that all of us who are in Christ have. I recounted the blessing that it is to hear these redemptive reports while sitting in on Membership Interviews. Again, you’d be wise to read these reports (often a click away in these connections emails) as you’re almost sure to be encouraged to learn of another sinner saved by the same grace and the same God that saved you!

Today, I’m reminded that our redemption stories don’t end the day we are ransomed from sin to salvation. On that day, in the judicial sense, we become justified and it’s “just as if I’d” never sinned in God’s eyes. We traded our refuse for Christ’s righteousness, our rags for His riches. Yet (sigh), in the practical sense, we are still being set apart to Him (sanctification). Thus, we still stumble and skin our knees, and sometimes we completely fall flat on our faces and have trouble getting back up. Still, every time we stumble and every time we fall, Jesus is there to help us back up if we would just take His extended hand. And when we do, we have quite the glory story to share.

Take for instance, the story Seth and Charity Milliner shared two weekends ago of the grace of God that saved their marriage. Take for instance, the story of God rescuing you when it looked like that hole you were in was too big to ever get out of. And take for instance, the men that God will meet with next weekend at the Men’s Retreat to remind them (and me) of our true identity in Christ and that we are freed from the sin that so easily entangles us (often times the sin of lust). Please, please, please pray with me that God would work miracles in many hearts and minds as God uses Seth to challenge and equip us to come into the light and to stay there. And if you or someone you know wants to continue their redemption story at the Men’s Retreat, I would be thrilled if you would join us.

What a great God we serve!

Pastor Matt

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