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Remember Our Spanish Ministry

I went to the doctor this morning and it was wonderfully boring. I went simply because it has been a few years and my miles are getting high enough that wisdom calls for periodic checkups. Happily, I have nothing to report. That is quite humbling when so many others are facing very difficult health problems.

Evergreen Bible Church as a whole enjoys a fairly high degree of health. However, the Spanish Ministry part of our church family continues to work through a difficult and painful transition. It can be easy to forgot about these dear brothers and sisters since they meet Sunday afternoons, but I hope you will join me in lifting them up to the Lord in prayer as they work through the challenges.

  • The challenge of transition for the Alvarez family. This transition has been extremely painful for Jose and Ruth, and Rebekah, Isabella and Daniel. I’m sure they each have their own unique struggles in the process and only God knows exactly what each of them need. But we love them deeply, and have the privilege of asking the Lord to meet them in their place of need and provide his grace and mercy.
  • The challenge of maintaining the Spanish ministry. The Spanish Ministry congregation functions in many ways like a small church, and the loss of the pastor and his family is keenly felt throughout the ministry. The elders are teaming up to do the preaching, the worship ministry has had to work harder to form teams and pretty much everyone is needing to help out in multiple ways. They are doing really well so far, but it is challenging and we must support these hardworking brothers and sisters in prayer.
  • The challenge of searching for the next Spanish Ministry pastor. The need to find the next Spanish Ministry pastor is urgent, and yet the process requires great care which simply requires time. A search team has been formed and is working to discover whom the Lord has in mind to lead our Spanish Ministry. I am helping with this task, and because of the language and culture barrier, I feel especially desperate for God to supply. Will you please join me in praying for God to quickly lead us to the right person?

This part of our church family has become very dear to me in the last few months and I am eager to see them return to good health and full strength for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor Toby

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