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Remember. We are repeatedly exhorted in Scripture to do so. God himself remembers, so to remember is to partake in a divine activity.

Yesterday our nation remembered those who have served in our armed forces, particularly those who died in the service. To remember is to honor. Although many remember only that it is a three-day weekend, those who take time to remember find their souls grow larger. The lines of flags and flowers at Evergreen Memorial Gardens were far more eloquent on remembrance than I will ever be.

This coming weekend is memorial day again, this time to honor the One who died so that we might live. In the bread, we remember his body. He said it is ‘for us.’ He gives himself for us, not just for a moment or even 33 years, but forever sustaining us with himself. In the cup, we remember his blood. Blood is startling. We know we are remembering if we feel uncomfortable. To remember is to be grateful.

This Saturday at 11am we will be remembering DeAnna Gallizioli.  She is the dear sister God so gloriously rescued just a few weeks ago. I suddenly remember that she so wanted to take communion once she put her faith in Jesus, but her rapidly declining health did not allow it. The bread and wine are simply tokens. DeAnna had Jesus himself and now she sees him face to face. Her son Mario would be greatly encouraged if any of you would be able to come remember his mother.

Pastor Toby

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