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Rock Nest Ranch 2024 Mission Trip Info

Mission Trip Preview:

EBC is planning on sending another short-term mission team up to Rock Nest Ranch Bible Camp in BC Canada. Rock Nest Ranch is a Christian Bible camp that has served First Nation community families since the 70s and is often a first form of contact to introducing these individuals to the gospel. The team from EBC this summer will help with one of Rock Nest’s largest camps of the year consisting of kids between the ages of 9-12. Our team will be ready to assist the camp in any ways that would be most valuable to them. This may include bein g cabin and junior counselors, working on the campgrounds, helping in the kitchen, cleaning the facilities, playing games with kids, participating in regular camp activities, and whatever else we will be asked to do. Regardless of the work our team will be doing, our goal is to support the camp workers during a very busy week and to show and share the love of Jesus with the kids and families attending.

Trip dates and deadlines:

  • The trip will be July 11-24, 2024. This will include 7 full days at Rock Nest Ranch and 1 full day of debriefing and fun after leaving the camp.
  • The application deadline to be a member of this mission trip is Friday, March 29.
  • Full payment for the trip will be due Sunday, June 30.

Cost breakdown:

The total cost for the trip is $300 per person.

  • A $50 deposit is due after an individual’s application is accepted. The deposit will go toward the total amount for the trip.
  • This money will cover all trip expenses including travel, lodging, food, ministry needs, and our team debrief.

Who should go on this trip:

All high school students who will be at least a freshman beginning Fall of 2024 as well as young adults are invited to join the Rock Nest Ranch mission trip. We are looking for individuals who:

  • Want to grow in their faith!
  • Want to serve and share the gospel with others!
  • Enjoy adventure!
  • Are diligent in their work!
  • Will encourage and build up others around them!
  • Are good listeners and will follow the instruction of their leaders!
  • Love Jesus!
  • Like to have fun!

Why you should consider going:

  • This is a great opportunity for spiritual growth. Like many things in life, if you want to see growth, you must give time and effort.
  • There are real needs you can help meet. Rock Nest Ranch has roles that need to be filled and many of the kids and families attending the camp are coming from a place of a lot of hurt and pain.
  • You will get to see God working in a different cultural context. This is a great opportunity to see how God uses believers all over the world to serve Him.
  • We are going to have a lot of fun! Some of my favorite memories have come from focused time serving the Lord with close friends. While we always need to be ready for challenges in short-term missions, you can count on us having a lot of fun with the work we are doing.
  • Pray about it! What matters most is following the Lord wherever He wants you to be. So, if you have any form of interest, you should ask God if this is how He wants you to spend a couple of weeks in your summer.

I’m a young adult:

The young adults will be seen as more than just members of the team, and will be given leadership and discipleship roles they will be responsible for. Each young adult member should not only have a vision to serve the individuals at Rock Nest Ranch, but to also see this trip as an opportunity for discipleship with our own high school students.

Some questions you might be asking yourself:

What if I don’t have enough money?

We have several months before the trip which provides time for each person to consider ways they can earn and raise money for the trip. Some ideas could include finding jobs to earn money like mowing lawns or baby sitting, or asking family members if they would consider supporting their trip. If you have any concerns about having enough money, pastor Jacob would love to talk with you!

Where will I be sleeping?

While at Rock Nest, we will be staying in some traditional style camp cabins with your own sleeping bag, pillow, etc. On our way to the camp and back we will be doing some good old-fashioned camping at designated campsites along the way.

How will we get there?

We will be taking the 17+ hour drive to the camp divided in just over 2 days.

Will there be pre-trip meetings?

Yes, we will meet 3 times as a team before the trip.

  • Thursday, May 16 from 6-8pm at EBC
  • Sunday, June 2 from 6-8pm at EBC
  • Sunday, June 30 from 6-8pm at EBC

What will our debrief day look like?

On our way back from the camp, we will be spending a full day in Jasper National Park! This day will be used to have fun and debrief the trip as we prepare to transition back home. Jasper National Park has incredible views of the Canadian Rockies, glaciers, and lakes! We might even make a stop at Moraine Lake in Banff on our way back.


If you are interested in applying to be part of the team, please fill out and submit your application below.