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Well before I was a balding giant, I was just a kid. I had wonderful, God-fearing parents who for a time, couldn’t make ends meet and so we went through a short period of homelessness. Thankfully, we were never on the streets, but only because of the safety net of family and church. As I write this, I’m wondering (for the first time), what would have happened to our family of five if not for the help we received. Depending on availability of shelters, I suppose we would have been living out of our light blue dodge caravan.

Sadly, many in our community today don’t have safety nets. Thus, families are one job loss (as was the case in my family), one debilitating injury, or one rent increase away from living in their cars. Just ask the many families who currently find themselves in this predicament.

It’s primarily for these types of situations that a program called SafePark was recently started. If you weren’t at EBC this past weekend, you missed my interview with David Bilby, founder of SafePark. We are strongly considering partnering with SafePark in order to help families safely and legally park overnight as they look to transition back to stable housing.

Please watch a video of the spotlight, and listen to my comments about EBC’s involvement, to get up to speed on what the program does and how it works.

Over the last couple of days, I’ve been very encouraged by the enthusiasm of many in regards to starting SafePark at EBC. My hope is that we will ALL be on board and that if you’re currently not, that you’ll communicate that to us. I truly believe this is an excellent opportunity to love our neighbor, help those in need (very likely a Marrion family or two), and be ambassadors of Jesus to people that desperately need Him. Please pray for wisdom as we figure out the next steps, including communication with our immediate neighbors. Again, please give us an opportunity to address any issues that you may have.

Thank you dear church!

Pastor Matt

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