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Security Shepherds Wanted

The brokenness in our community is growing worse all the time and it is increasingly impacting our ministry here at the Evergreen facility. Virtually every week we respond to people in the parking lot living in their cars, or people sleeping somewhere on the grounds, or people asking for money for bus fare, or finding graffiti or trash or even drug paraphernalia left behind. This is the sad reality of our day.

We are learning how to be the hands and feet of Jesus in these challenging situations. Jesus is the Good Shepherd and we aim to shepherd people like he does. For our weekend worship services, we have excellent teams in place for this. The Welcome Team takes the lead on hospitality, helping people feel at home as they come to worship the Lord. Our Security Team takes the lead on vigilance, watching for and responding to any kind of trouble that may arise. God has used the faithful efforts of these teams to handle a number of tricky situations in recent years.

However, we realize there is a need to expand the Security Team ministry to our main mid-week ministries: Tuesday night Awana, Wednesday night Youth Group and the Thursday night meetings. On each of these three nights, the building is full of people engaged in ministry, but we have no one watching the doors. We are looking for one person (or more) who will fill the security role for each of these week night meetings. A fourth person would serve as a back up if one of the leads is unavailable. Volunteers will be trained by our Security Team director, but the primary responsibility is to actively monitor the front doors.

Happily, we already have a person lined up for Tuesday night Awana, so we are looking for a volunteer for Wednesday, another for Thursday and another to serve as a backup. Please contact the office if you are interested to helping with any of these roles. May God help us be good shepherds for the Good Shepherd in these troubled times.

Pastor Toby

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