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September 12, 2019

Last night was a great evening with the students! We started by playing a game that Ollie introduced us to. Being from New Zealand, he’s got all sorts of great things up his sleeve, and this game didn’t disappoint. Any time we get to whack each other with pool noodles (safely of course), it’s a good time! Then we spent some time in worship, with Arthur Cassidy, Max Milliner, and Levi Williams leading for us! It was great, and I’m really glad to be getting students more involved in that way!

The remainder of the evening, we spent our time focusing on missions. It’s been a month since the Youth Peru team got back, and I really wanted to give them an opportunity to share all of the things that they learned, saw, and did. In a question/answer interview style, all of the students that went shared, and really encouraged the rest of the group that missions is first and foremost about relationships. Even through a language barrier, the Peru team worked hard to love people, and God clearly met them in that. They shared about how God has moved many of them to be more sensitive to supporting missions, and wanting to pursue future missions work.

All in all, we tied this into the fact that, as Christians, God calls us to missions where we’re at (most of the time)! Our schools, our communities, our friends, and even our families are all mission fields in which we’re called to “Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous deeds among all peoples” Psalm 96:3. It was a good night to hear from the students and to be encouraged by them. We ended the night in our small groups getting to know one another and talking about what our hopes are for small groups this year!

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