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September 14, 2021

First and foremost, if you were not at chttps://www.evergreenbible.com/september-14-2021/hurch this last weekend, Ryan Donovan our leadership team chairman gave an update on our pastoral search. Since Matt Daniells left EBC and is now the Senior Pastor at Keyport Bible Church, the leadership team has been seeking the Lord to discern what is next. After a process of lots of prayer and discussion, a plan forward has become evidently clear which has shaped our pastoral search efforts. In leu of reciting all that Ryan D. stated this past weekend, the plan is for myself to be trained up as a secondary preacher who would take a good portion of the pulpit share on the weekends. That said, over the next year, I will be transitioning out of leading the youth ministry.

With the clarity of what’s next, the EBC leadership team has been searching for who will be next in leading the youth ministry and we’ve identified a candidate who we feel confident will lead our students toward a passionate and personal relationship with Jesus. His name is Matt Arnett. He and his wife Alicia have been attending EBC for a year and a half, and Matt has been volunteering in the youth ministry on youth staff for about six months.

It is with a great amount of sadness and excitement that I share this. I love the youth ministry. I have loved getting to build deep relationships with the students. And I have loved seeing how God is shaping and molding them as they come to a deeper knowledge of Him. And yet I am also excited for what is next. I’m excited to have the opportunity to develop the gift of preaching at EBC under Toby and the leadership team. And I am excited to see how Matt will develop and grow the youth group over the next years as he forms inroads with the students.

Obviously this is big news, especially for our students, and you, the parents of those students. I will be taking some time tomorrow night at youth group to talk about this plan in more detail with our students. THEN, on Wednesday Sept. 29th we’ll invite parents to youth group for PARENT NIGHT. On this evening, you’ll have a chance to hear more from myself about the specifics of the transition, to ask questions, and to meet Matt Arnett and ask him questions as well.

If you have questions that are urgent, or wouldn’t fit well at the parent meeting, please feel free to reach out to me.

Looking forward to seeing the students tomorrow evening for youth group! It will be a good night together. 🙂

PS: If you were not at church this weekend and want to read more about this transition process, please view the attached document here.

With you and for you in Christ.

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