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September 5, 2019

For those of you that are new to receiving this email, each week I write a little summary of what we did at youth group. The hope and goal is that it’ll give you good footing to follow up with your students. It’ll also include the current info on youth group events, sign ups, etc.

Last night we officially kicked off another school year of youth group! We had, by my count, 54 students show up including many new faces! It was awesome! Although, we did feel like sardines in the youth room. None-the-less, it was good to see all of the students again, and to connect with them. We spent time enjoying some pizza (courtesy of Costco), playing in the field outside (‘cause we gotta soak up the last bits of sun), and then worshipping and talking about the purpose of our youth group. It was a good night of reflecting on the statement that our purpose as a youth group is to give God glory by devoting ourselves to learning about him in His word, developing a deep and personal relationship with Jesus, and responding to His commands to pursue holiness in our words and our actions. 

In all that we do as a youth group, whether studying God’s Word together, eating together, or playing games together, our hope is that God is magnified in and through us.

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