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September 6, 2018

Last night we spent some time chowing down on pizza, connecting with each other, and talking about the year ahead in youth group. We had quite a few 6th graders join us, which is very exciting! We also had a good deal of 9th graders with us who’ve now joined the High School fold! Much like the first day of school, we did a lot of house keeping type things. First, I passed out a Youth Calendar which I’ve attached above in red. Second, I had the students text @ebc-yg to 81010 to set up a ‘Remind’ account. I’ll be sending out updates to the students through their services so that no one misses out on the current events and activities. If students don’t have a phone, but have an email, they can join the group by going to remind.com/join/ebc-yg and adding their email to the group. I’ve also created a Google Classroom that I’ll be posting to weekly to keep students up to date. If either yourself or your student would like to join, you can go to classroom.google.com and use the code en764rw to join.

We also spent a small portion of our time introducing our next topic: The Parables! We talked about Jesus’ purpose for the parables, and some strategies that we’ll use to interpret them. Then, I had the kids write their own parables to understand both how hard it is to write them, and to help us understand Jesus’ amazing genius in teaching by them!

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