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September 9, 2021

Just wanted to give everyone a review of what we talked about last night at youth group so that you’re able to follow up with your students. 🙂 I’ll try to make these brief, but the goal is that it gives you some firepower to have Spiritual conversations at home.

Last night we talked about THE CHURCH! It was actually rather comical… I asked the students, “how long has the church been around?” Students debated between 10, 20, and 50 years. When I clarified that I was talking about THE church (not just EBC), I got answers like “100 years, or 500 years.” Needless to say, it was good that we started with a little church history lesson last night. We remembered that the church started in the book of Acts through the work of the apostles after Jesus has ascended to heaven. And we noted some key moments in church history, making the point that God has been building His church through incredible adversity in every age. EBC is just another example of how God is keeping His church alive by grace.

I gave groups of students about 15 scriptures to study that pertained to what the church is to look like, and our role in it. After spending 20 minutes studying, we came back together and shared what we had seen. The Scriptures clearly indicate that WE are the church. It’s not a building, but rather a gathered people! We spoke about the fact that we all have a role in the church, and how it is a place of refuge for Christians to be encouraged and to encourage others.

The most recent Barna data shows that a very low percentage of Generation Y is coming to church on any regular basis. They don’t see a point. It’s our job as leaders and parents in these kids lives to help them see how integral the Church is for our Christian walk of faith. God uses the Church as a means of grace for us, and to the World.

It was a good night together. I am praying for your conversations with your kids, that they would be filled with pointers to the truths of the Bible. 🙂

With you and for you in Christ.

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