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Sermon Questions: New Wineskins


What aspect do you miss the most about being together in person? Has this break from the norm caused you to appreciate the church gatherings more?

What parallels can you draw between Matthew’s life and your own?

Do you believe you are as desperate for God’s mercy as abusers and terrorists? Or do you imagine yourself to be one of God’s people because you really are quite a decent person? What is your heart attitude toward ‘those’ people?

We heard about how we easily get locked into patterns and habits that are neither healthy nor godly and we may not even notice. What patterns or habits can you pinpoint that you need to be careful to not fall back into when life “goes back to normal”?

Pastor Toby talked about wineskins. What do the wineskins represent and do you think that you’re operating from a new or an old wineskin?

Toby shared how “God’s path is a lot more costly than we expect”. How is this true?

When Jesus resurrected he extended the offer to us for “resurrection life”, where we receive life in Him and are enabled to live “supernaturally”. In what areas of your life do you need to experience resurrection life?