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Sermon Questions: The Reckoning

May 31, 2020

Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43

How loud are you currently hearing “alarm bells”? Are you ready to hit the “panic button”? Do you believe that recent events are clear indicators that Christ’s return is imminent?

Toby used his beloved “Hobbiton” to remind us that things weren’t always bad. How is it helpful to think upon the beginning and end of the story of humanity?

In regard to “Sons of Satan”, Toby said,

“They could be terrorists, or they could be Nobel Peace Prize winners.
They could be murderers, or they could be doctors.
They could be thieves, or they could be relief workers.
They could be racists, or they could be civil rights activists.
They could be total atheists, or they could be deeply spiritual.
They could be wild partiers, or they could be moral leaders.”

What was his point? Do you agree?

In regard to the “weeds”, Toby said to “focus on farming” and to “leave judgment to God”. What about those that are in the church and in grievous sin? When would we follow the prescription of Matthew 18:15-17?

Toby said, “Your mission is making disciples of Jesus, not fighting evil in the culture.” What does this mean? Do you agree?

What should the Christian response be to horrific social injustice around us?

How are you doing with staying on Mission during this time? What area(s) can you ask God for help in?