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Sermon Questions: The Story of Your Heart

May 24, 2020

Matthew 13:1-23

When you think of Jesus’ parables, which one sticks out to you and why (other than the parable of the soils)?

Would you say that you mostly find Jesus’ parables fascinating but confusing OR enlightening and transforming? Why do you think that is?

Pastor Toby states, “The Purpose of Parables was to reveal truth to the soft-hearted and conceal it from the hard-hearted.” Do you agree with this assessment? Do you find this hard to swallow? Why or why not?

Which unfruitful soil do you need to be on guard against the most in your life? A heart ruled by pride, pain, or pleasure?

Which do you most need to cultivate in your life right now? Humility, gratitude, or love? Or all three? Why?

  • Are you ready to replace pride with humility before God?
  • Are you ready to cultivate roots of gratitude in the midst of pain?
  • Are you ready to cut the weeds out of your life to delight in Jesus?
  • Are you ready to let Jesus be Jesus and bear fruit in your life?
  • Regardless of your answer, spend some time praying in regards to these questions.