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Winter-Spring 2019
Proverbs, Job, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs
Summer 2019 – Psalms
Fall 2018

*Jesus is the point of spiritual habits.
*Hear God’s voice through his Word.
*Have God’s ear through Prayer.
*Belong to God’s family through Fellowship.

Summer 2018

A sermon series designed
to equip Christians to
consider movies for the
sake of the gospel.

Winter-Spring 2018

God loves us exactly as we are, but
refuses to leave us this way. The gospel
has the power to transform all aspects
of our lives and God is committed
to making us a church that glorifies him.

Fall 2017

We are made to wonder. Our goal
is to seek God for the understanding
He provides in His Word and to trust
Him with what He has not revealed.

Summer 2017

God desires that we fan into flame
the gifts He has given us, that we
might know Him, be like Him, and
enjoy Him now and forever.

January-June 2017

God’s names invite us to know Him.
God, who is impossibly out of our
league, introduces Himself to us
for the purpose of relationship.

February-December, 2016

The successes and failures of
Israel’s many rulers equip us
to love and serve Jesus Christ,
the King of Kings.

January, 2016

Short series on the
core tenants of
church membership and
why a Christian should
join a local church.

December, 2015

Christmas series on obedient faith
as our only reasonable
response to  Jesus,
the greatest gift of all.

Oct.-Nov., 2015

Nine week series on the
breathtaking glory of God’s
holiness and his call for his
people to imitate him.

Summer, 2015

Explore 10 books
written by people who
know God’s Word and
have captured a uniquely
powerful glimpse of Him.

Apr.-Jun., 2004

Seven-part series of messages
from the Bible:
God, Jesus the Bible and the
Religions of the World

Various Dates

Sermons that have
been preached
but are not part
of a specific
sermon series.