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Skylar and a Refuge for Refugees

Syria. Venezuela. Afghanistan. Myanmar. These are countries experiencing such terrible turmoil that citizens are fleeing by the millions. Now Ukraine joins that sad list. The stories of those running for their lives and scrambling to simply stay alive are wrenching to read. I sigh and shake my head is sympathy. What can be done for such a massive problem?

Here’s one simple but significant thing we can do: Send Skylar Stevens to help them. It is right to feel sympathy for the plight of refugees, but it is also important to do what we can to help. Supporting Skylar is a really excellent opportunity.

Skylar is a young woman who came to know Christ at Evergreen during her youth group years. After going to Multnomah University, God led her into refugee ministry. She serves with People International and in 2020 and 2021 she began serving in a refugee camp on the island of Lesvos, off the coast of Greece and is now raising additional support to return to the field.

To help Skylar, the Mission Team is hosting a special Refugee Relief Fundraiser at Evergreen on Tuesday, May 17 from 6-8pm. The first hour will be open house style with opportunity to enjoy some refreshments, visit with Skylar and enjoy her artwork. At 7pm, Skylar will take some time to give us an idea of what refugee ministry looks like, share some of her experiences and answer questions. There will also be an opportunity to help Skylar go to the mission field with either one-time or monthly financial support.

There are millions of refugees in the world, and we cannot help all of them. But we can help some, and supporting Skylar is a great way to express God’s compassion to these hurting people.

Pastor Toby

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