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Slow Down

It’s 12:07pm on Sunday morning/afternoon as I write this. I’m in my office playing hooky while Toby is preaching his big heart out on the “assurance of salvation”. If you didn’t get a chance to hear this excellent sermon, check it out by clicking on the link to the left. Anyway, I’m working on this now because I need to get a jump start on it as I know that I’ll be quite busy between now and the time you’ll receive this (Tuesday).

I turned my computer on and asked myself, “What do I want to write on”? After pondering this for a moment, I did something I should do every time, I asked God what HE would like me to write on. Novel thought right? And the very next moment, here’s what happened/is happening. My eyes were drawn to movement outside of my window. As clearly as a person walking by, I can see magnificent clouds rolling by as if they are behind schedule and God is prompting them to pick up the pace. It’s a beautiful sight and even though clouds are always moving and we live in a very cloudy place (in case you don’t get out much), it’s a sight that I rarely see. Why? Mostly because of busyness. And in that moment, it seemed to me that God was telling me what to write on: “Slow down”. In particular, slow down this Holiday season.

I don’t get the impression that God wants us to stop enjoying all of the silly Christmas traditions that have nothing or near nothing to do with Christ. But I do think that He wants to be at the center of everything we do and that we should be giving Him the glory for everything (1 Cor. 10:31), especially at the time of year we celebrate His Incarnation.
How do we do that? Slow down with a purpose. Remember to take the Sabbath Toby recently preached on and remember what God has done in your life. Intentionally remember what and who life and Christmas is all about. If we do, we’ll see something a lot more wonderful than clouds moving in the sky, we’ll get a glimpse of our heavenly Father continuing to move in our lives.

Pastor Matt

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