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Sowing Seeds on the Last Day of High School

Three unremarkable cars are parked together in the lot outside my office window. They belong to three remarkable high school seniors who are going through their last day of high school. They are students at Henrietta Lacks Health and Bioscience High School, commonly known as HeLa, which is located just a few blocks from the church, very close to PeaceHealth Hospital. The school lacks space for student parking and these three have parked at the church and walked to school for the last couple years.

I have enjoyed becoming acquainted with these students as I am often out doing my morning sweep of the grounds as they are heading to school. It’s usually only quick interactions or a wave through the window, but occasionally there is time to talk a bit. Today, however, there was an opportunity to be a blessing.

As they got out of their cars, I could see on their faces that unique blend of emotions which arise from the reality that today is the last day of high school. Can you believe it?! It is the last day they will park in this lot, walk that well-trodden path and enter that familiar brick and glass building.

I was very grateful they sought me out to let me know it was their last day and we enjoyed one last conversation. I asked about their hopes for the next stage of their life and enjoyed hearing their plans and guesses at what is to come. I told them I will miss getting to wave at them out my window and will think of them often when I look out and see where their cars would normally be. I urged them to look for my truck in the parking lot whenever they happen to be driving by in years to come, and to stop by and say hi if they can spare a moment.

Then I asked if I could pray for them and they readily accepted. Invocations are not in vogue these days at graduation ceremonies, so they received their own personal blessing. We stood in the parking lot and I asked the Sovereign God of heaven to watch over them, guide their steps and to help them know who He is more and more every year. I am excited to see what God will do.

Pastor Toby

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