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Still Learning to Believe

As a morning person, I am usually the first to arrive at church, and for the first hour of my day I wear my Building Manager hat. All that really means is that I take a quick walk through and around the grounds and building and do whatever is needed. I pick up trash, check supplies and put various left behind items in the Lost. (Calling it the Lost and Found would be inaccurate.)

I was in full-swing tidying mode when one stray paper brought me up short. A coloring page was laying on the kiosk in the foyer, with the image of Doubting Thomas touching the scar in Jesus’ side. Diana, the artist, had done a fine job coloring, even going so far as to add some red in Jesus’ wounds as well as incorporating the Scripture note that it was dark outside when this moment took place.

Now, I find kids crafts left lying around all the time and I typically just toss them without a second thought. But for some reason this picture spoke to me. The handful of hard issues I had been wrestling with were suddenly forced to be quiet and wait. Jesus was here. Jesus was speaking, “Stop doubting and believe.”

I had a sudden longing for that time when faith was as simple as a coloring page. Through this simple craft, God was inviting me to return to simple and pure faith in Jesus, my risen Lord. I am thankful God appointed Diana (even if it was without her knowledge) to leave her work for me so he could use it to strengthen my heart. Her craft may have been lost, but I am found.

Pastor Toby

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