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Summer Snow

Last week I was on vacation and we went to visit my parents. That may not sound terribly exciting, but if you know my parents, you know that’s a great time. And if you know they happen to live on the Big Island in Hawaii, well, enough said.  We spent the week enjoying the tropical delights of Eden, which I’m convinced must have been located near Hawaii. Although it did rain virtually every day, (Pahoa does average over 100” of rain annually) it was deliciously warm.

So, after arriving home late Sunday night, it was particularly shocking to wake up to…snow?! Not just a trace, but a major dump of heavy, wet snow that snapped tree branches all over the city and left lots of people without power. We knew were weren’t returning to the tropics, but we weren’t expecting a snowstorm!

If we are surprised by April snow, imagine the shock when Jesus Messiah returns from heaven in blazing fire with his powerful angels. On that day, those who have not believed will be utterly dismayed as their judgment has come, while those who have believed in him will be overwhelmed with awe as they marvel at his glory. (2 Thes. 1:7-10)

Most of you reading this know this message well, and you share the burden of urging unbelievers to turn to Christ and be saved before it is too late. But we must also have a burden for those who have already believed to persevere in belief.

Summer Snow is one of the late Keith Green’s lesser-known songs, but it is one of the most haunting as he speaks this message to believers who have fallen asleep.

Like summer snow, you were an unexpected sight
A blazing sun, you were shining in the night
When I really should have known, that you’d be coming home

Passion Week is an especially good time to shake yourself awake and tighten your grip on your confidence in Jesus Christ the Savior. This will be our goal as we gather to remember the suffering of Christ at our Good Friday service (7pm), and as we gather to celebrate his resurrection from the dead at all three of our Sunday services. (7am, 9am and 11am)

Jesus died, he rose and he is coming back soon.  He warns us his coming will be more surprising than the snow outside your window.

Pastor Toby

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