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Ten Ways to Redeem a Stream

Streaming church is now the norm for Evergreen Bible Church, as well as countless other churches across our nation and world. But what can you do to actually make it a worship service?  I humbly offer the following.

  1. Shower and dress: Yes, you could stay in your pajamas. You could even stay in bed. But getting cleaned up will wake up your brain, make you smell better (family members will thank you) and prepare you to engage.
  2. Thank the barista: If someone made you coffee, be sure to thank them. Make it a Sunday morning habit to thank God and anyone in your home for any blessing you can see. Your heart will be tuned to sing his grace.
  3. Arrive early: Tune in to the stream at 10:45am. This will allow time to troubleshoot any tech problems, as well as to catch the scrolling announcement slides.
  4. Prepare the kids: Use every resource at your disposal to help them hang in there through the stream and them give them a special blessing afterward (kids activities are posted weekly on the livestream page).
  5. Put away distractions: The great thing about church at home is it is comfortable. That’s also the downside. Work to eliminate anything that distracts from the Lord – games, toys, phones, magazines, piles of laundry to be folded, etc.
  6. Sing to Jesus: Don’t just watch the worship team, sing with them to your Savior. Don’t like hearing yourself? Turn it up! You are the sound tech for your house so you can finally get the perfect volume level!
  7. Open your Bible: I will say it as long as I live – you need to know your Bible. Don’t just listen to the preacher read it. Open it, read it with your own eyes, ask God to help you see the wonderful things in his book.
  8. Comment with care: One popular option with Facebook is commenting during the stream. I love that our people can connect with each other. But may I urge you to not let commenting distract from God’s Word?
  9. Engage more than watch: Worship is a verb, and it is not simply watching something. There needs to be engagement of the heart. This is spiritual battle, so be prepared to fight for it.
  10. Share the link: If God encourages your heart through the worship service stream, consider who you can share it with. Or perhaps contact a brother or sister and tell them you’re looking forward to the day we can worship together in person.  Until then, let’s make the most of the stream!

Pastor Toby

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