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The Importance of Not Assuming the Outcome

Exciting News: Last weekend Evan Chalker, our Treasurer, gave a very encouraging update on the Phase II project. The major highlight was that the total amount of Phase II pledges is now just over $1 million. That is so exciting! In addition, over 10% of that amount has already been given. Evan also reported we have hired a civil engineer and have a strong lead on a contractor who would be ideal for our project. We currently expect to break ground in late summer or early fall next year. Praise God for all of this great news!

Answers to FAQs: Evan also provided answers to some of the questions he is getting most often.

  • Pledge Confirmation: You will receive confirmation of your pledge via email by the end of the year.
  • Fundraising Period: Phase II fundraising officially begins December 2022 and runs through September 2024.
  • Giving by Check: Please write ‘Building Fund’ on the memo line for Phase II contributions.
  • Separate Checks/Payments: Please do not lump regular giving and Phase II contributions together in one check or payment. Separate checks/payments will help ensure your gifts are directed to the intended fund.
  • Treasurer Questions: If you put a note on your pledge card with a question for the Treasurer, expect a response by December 17th. You may also email Evan directly at evan.chalker@gmail.com.

An Important Caution: In Phase I, back in 2008, we learned how to depend on God in the face of a sobering lack of resources. In Phase II, we must learn how to depend on God in the face of an encouraging bounty of resources. I am very serious about this. Confidence in what we can see instead of confidence in God is foolish. It would be easy to look at this strong start and think, “It’s in the bag. We’ve totally got this.” That’s what Duck fans thought when they had a 21-point lead late in the third quarter last Saturday. They wound up losing by four.

So how can we learn the art of confident dependence? Our key weapon in the battle to guard our hearts is prayer. Our Phase II prayer card offers strategic prayer requests such as delight in God, trust in his character and the need to give him our lives, not just our money. If we treat the prayer card as important as the pledge card, we can be confident God will be glorified.

Pastor Toby Beck

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