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The Long Expected Party

“When Mr. Bilbo Baggins of Bag End announced that he would shortly be celebrating his eleventy-first birthday with a party of special magnificence, there was much talk and excitement in Hobbiton.”  That opening line of JRR Tolkien’s famous The Lord of the Rings trilogy has been on my mind as we are on the doorstep of our own long expected party.  Hazel Stein turns 100 years old this Saturday, September 10, and there is much talk and excitement here at Evergreen.

There will be two parties to celebrate this grand occasion and everyone in Hobbiton is invited.

  • The Party at Tanglewood Park, 10:30am (sponsored by the City of Vancouver)

This party reminds me of Bilbo’s because it will be held outdoor in a park, all the local residents are invited to attend and the mayor of Vancouver himself plans to come honor Hazel on her special day. The party will be held at Tanglewood Park, which is being renamed George and Hazel Stein Park to thank her for donating some property to expand the park.

Finding Tanglewood Park: Unfortunately, the park is not identified on Google Maps.  But it is very near the church and the directions are quite easy.  From EBC, go north on 97th Avenue not quite ¼ mile, turn right on Tanglewood Drive, and then immediately turn left on 98th Court. The park is directly head at the end of the court. You can also put 624 Northeast 98th Court into your navigational device and that will take you there.

  • The Party at Evergreen Bible Church, 7:30pm

Immediately after the 6pm Saturday worship service we are going to begin the EBC party for Hazel.  We have a short program lined up that I believe will be quite memorable and then we will enjoy a ten-tier birthday cake with Hazel perched in the place of honor on top.  Okay, it will just be standard cake, but it will be quite tasty.  And just like the birthdays in Hobbiton, Hazel has a special gift for everyone who comes.

Hazel is requesting no gifts, but please bring a card with a special memory of Hazel, and if you are willing to, we are looking for several people’s memories to read aloud at the party.  PLEASE SUBMIT THEM HERE.

I think this whole day will be one of gladness for God’s goodness to this special sister in Christ we all love.  I hope to see you Saturday.

Pastor Toby

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