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The Plan for a Missed Step

Preparations for Phase II continue behind the scenes, including working through the long permit process and selling the properties bequeathed to the church from Hazel Stein’s estate. There is good news to report on all these fronts.

First, the permit process is progressing well and God has blessed us with high caliber professionals who are performing excellently. Second, the City of Vancouver has been  wonderful to work with and agreed to purchase the 97th Avenue property to fulfill Hazel’s wish that it be used to expand the community park. Last, the caretaker who faithfully helped maintain Hazel’s properties in the last decade of her life has agreed to buy her mobile home in Ocean Park. These are truly win-win situations to thank God for!

But we just realized we missed an important step in the process: The EBC constitution stipulates that buying or selling property requires a vote of the members. We somehow missed that! If you’re wondering how we missed such a significant thing, you’re in good company.

One reason is that due to the extensive nature of the estate and complications of Covid, it took two and a half years for Hazel’s estate to be settled. So for several years we have planned as if we owned the properties, but we only took possession a few months ago. During that time, we agreed as a church to do Phase II (we had several votes in that process) and selling Hazel’s properties was always presented as part of the funding plan. But while we voted on the project and the funding plan, we never specifically voted to sell the properties.

On behalf of the Leadership Team, I want to apologize for this oversight. It was an innocent mistake, but we diligently aspire to always do things appropriately. We believe the congregation is fully in favor of selling the properties, and indeed, expects us to do so. So, rather than calling a special business meeting to take care of this simple step, we have an easier alternative.

Leadership Team Proposal: The Leadership Team proposes selling all three properties received from Hazel Stein’s estate with all the proceeds going into the Building Fund.

Vote of the Membership: Members are invited to cast a ballot at the voting station by the church office anytime from today through this coming Sunday afternoon. A simple majority is required for the proposal to pass.

If you have any questions or concerns about this matter, please let us know.

Pastor Toby

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