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The Power of Seeing

Yesterday Kristin and I skated to a local theater to see Hidden Figures, the true story of the African-American women who overcame racial prejudice and became indispensable in America’s space program in the 1960s.  It is an excellent film with much to commend it.

I could feel the tension build within me as I watched these brilliant women persevere through endless instances of shameful treatment by the white male establishment.  Without spoiling the plot, there is a moment when one of the women breaks down in front of her boss and entire work group denouncing the humiliation she has been silently enduring.  It moved me to tears.  And seeing her situation led her boss to take a practical step of action to help.

While great gains have been made, the campaign to end discrimination against ethnic minorities continues on.  However, no group of people in America are treated more inhumanely than America’s unborn.  It’s not even close.  As a country, we have murdered nearly a million of these innocents every year since the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision in 1973.

Like racial prejudice, our abortion culture is now well established. As one of the leads in Hidden Figures said, “It’s just the way it is.”  The prospect of changing something so deeply rooted seems impossible.  What can I do that would make any difference?

I can help a woman in a crisis pregnancy see the value of life by helping her literally see her baby.  Numerous studies show that nearly 80% of abortion-minded women decide against abortion if they see an ultrasound of their baby.  Therefore, providing pro-life clinics with the capability of offering ultrasound services is clearly strategic.

Options 360 is less than half a mile from Evergreen and I just called to see if they offer ultrasounds at that location.  They do.  I asked what their greatest needs are on a day to day basis and her answer was immediate: volunteers.  They especially need Client Care volunteers, women who interact directly with the women who come seeking help.  How I would love to see some from our church body serve in this life-saving ministry.

Pastor Toby

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