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The Simple Pleasure of a Physical Task

There is a work day at the church this Saturday from 8:00-10:00am to clean up the flower beds and take care of an assortment of small maintenance tasks. This event is an All Play, open to all ages, and I would be delighted if you would like to come pitch in.  If you can bring a weeding tool, bucket and/or rake, even better.

I get to lead this event and I am genuinely grateful to do so, for several reasons. First, the task list builds up over time and it is such a delight to get to cross so many things off in such a short amount of time. You fellow list-makers know the exquisite joy of which I speak.

Even better is the spirit of comradery that forms as we arm ourselves with weeding tools and do battle against the forces of evil. Workers inevitably end up getting to know other members of the family they hadn’t ever talked to before.

But one of the most basic joys for me is the simple pleasure of a physical task. You just pull the weeds, rake it smooth and viola: It’s done! I don’t have to sit in my chair, think hard, be creative, deliberate between approaches or worry about who might be offended. I just get to work, side by side with brothers and sisters, as we thank God for the physical ability to get down and pick a weed. I tell you, it’s a gift.

Pastor Toby

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