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Sermon Questions: The Storms of Doubt

April 26, 2020

Pastor Toby made the case that doubt is inevitable. Do you agree? When did you experience a storm of doubt? What do you think triggered it?

How do you think it was possible for John the Baptist to experience Jesus as he had and then doubt Him as he did?

We are urged to join John in bringing our doubts to Jesus. Why is this so important?

Toby asked, “Has God proven His character to you?”. What are the primary ways you’ve seen the character of God in your life?

We were given three ways to “fight for faith” in the sermon: Pursue Jesus, Regrip Scripture, and Renew Endurance. Which of these do you primarily need to apply right now?

Think about the following questions and spend a few moments talking to Jesus about your responses….

  1. Are you ready to face the storms of doubt that are bound to come?
  2. How will you respond when the disaster and evil devastate your world?
  3. How will you respond when your hopes and dreams are shattered by tragedy?
  4. Will you press into Jesus and fight for faith?
  5. Will you remember the truth you know while you wrestle with your questions?
  6. Will you trust Jesus’ character proven on the cross more than your expectation of how life should go?
  7. Or will you reject Jesus because his plans for you are not what you wanted?

Jesus is looking to you now, just as he looked at John languishing in prison.
6 “Blessed is the man who does not fall away on account of me.”