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The Tickets to Heaven

Blood Water Mission says people in Africa spend 40 billion hours walking for water every year. Just $20 shortens the walk for one person by providing access to clean water.  Just $38 a month connects a child living in poverty with a loving, church-based Child Sponsorship Program through Compassion International.  One can provide 100% of the necessary support for a full-time national missionary in Vietnam for only $145 a month throughGospelink.

These are just a few of the many opportunities to invest in God’s kingdom work.  Gifts like these essentially become miracles whereby temporary wealth is transformed into eternal treasure.  It is almost like buying tickets to heaven for others.  You just won’t know whom you bought them for until you meet them in God’s house.  What a great introduction that will be!

We have around 25 tickets remaining for the Mission Auction this Friday night.  If you don’t have yours yet I encourage you to purchase yours right now and see it as buying a ticket to heaven for someone.  A portion of the $10 ticket price covers the cost of the meal and other event supplies, but everything above that (as well as all proceeds from auction items purchased) will be invested directly in international mission work we are doing as a church.

We Have a New Pastor
The phone call I made Sunday night at 6:54pm was a really fun one to make.  I had the privilege of calling Ryan Aufenkamp to give him the happy news that our church body had voted unanimously to call him as our Youth and Worship Pastor.  He and his wife were at a coffee shop together and were able to celebrate together immediately.  Perhaps it was worth a double shot despite the evening hour.

We believe Ryan will be an excellent addition to our staff.  He has a uniquely admirable combination ministry gifting and godly character that we have discovered is not easy to find!  We anticipate a fruitful ministry that could very well last a long time.  Ryan’s wife Emily is graduating with her bachelor’s degree in June and we anticipate a start date sometime in late July or early August.

Pastor Toby

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