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Sermon Questions: The Touch of Jesus

April 5, 2020

Do you miss being able to be close to people? Do you miss hugs and handshakes? Why is physical touch important beyond just immediate family?

It’s been said that there is no such thing as a true/complete atheist. That “atheists” will cry out to God for help when facing the prospect of death. What do you think of this?

Which of the three Jesus encounters speaks to you the most? What does it say to you?

The Synagogue leader had a difficult obstacle to overcome in trusting God. What are some natural obstacles today that people have to overcome? What are obstacles that you have overcome, are overcoming, or need to overcome?

The anguished woman had a lot of shame to overcome in order to embrace Jesus’ redemption. What is often the guilt/shame baggage that people today have to overcome? What guilt and shame did you need to overcome with courageous faith to embrace Jesus’ redemption?

The blind men were able to “see” that Jesus was the Messiah. How can disabilities or disadvantages, while terribly painful, actually become a help in driving us to see the truth of Christ?