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Three Faces of Redemption

The sunshine was radiating at Family Camp last weekend, but the brightest moment by far was the baptism of three young women Sunday morning.  They each battled nerves and tears as they tried to explain how God had led them to make this public declaration of faith.

Lydia explained that she had considered baptism before but had held back because she felt really messed up in a lot of ways.  She thought she should deal with some of these things before being baptized.  But she finally realized this was as backward as trying to get healthy before going to the hospital.  She decided the first person she should come to with her fears and failures is Jesus, and baptism was her testimony of that.

Skylar told of the deep pain she dealt with after her father moved away from the family.  It was a wound that threatened to overwhelm her.  But she started going to church with her friend Becca and was introduced to the God of the Bible who repeatedly called Himself the Father.  He met her in the deep ache and she came to trust that He was the true Father she needed; the One who would never leave her or forsake her.

Molly began going to church and youth group with her friend Autumn and she gradually learned more and more about the God who made her.  Just like the sun steadily rose as she spoke, Molly shared that there came a moment in a worship service when she knew, “I need this.”  She described her initial relationship with God as something of a triangle with her, God and Autumn, but eventually realized she needed to establish a direct relationship with God herself.  Baptism was her declaration of this fact.

Three young women.  Three unique stories.  One glorious Redeemer of us all.

Pastor Toby

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