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Top 10 Things I Remember From the EBC Philippines Mission Trip 3 Years Ago…


10.  Seattle to Seoul to Manila…the world is so much bigger than I usually remember.

9.  Leaving the Manila airport made Portland rush hour lo
ok breezy.

8.  Seeing Gary and Melita in their ministry context brings all the prayer letters to life.

7.  Joining our Filipino brothers and sisters for Sunday worship in a humid, open-wall shed, singing common songs in both English and Tagalog.

6.  Sweetest drumset I’ve ever seen made out of materials we throw and our recycle bin.

5.  Our walk down streamside squatter village was an overwhelming mixture of natural beauty and abject poverty.

4.  Riding a tricee (motorcycle taxi) is scarier than a ride at Six Flags.

3.  One week with the families of that small town and you will fall in love with the Filipino people.

2.  Making disciples requires steady, hard work no matter where in the world you are.

1.  God grew my heart and mind for what life is all about.

If you would like God to do a similar work in your own life, there is another trip coming up this summer, June 30 through July 9. READ ALL THE INFO HERE, and then come to the info meeting Sunday night at 6pm to learn more!

Pastor Toby

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