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Trust God!!!

What a week it has been, and it’s only Tuesday! We are deep into the week of VBS, and it has been great so far. We have around 130 students and 100 volunteers. This place is crawling with people in every corner of the building (won’t it be amazing when we have Phase II complete and we have more adequate space!). There are awesome crafts being created, fun games being played, epic stories being told, and much more. Oh, and let’s not forget about the incredible snacks made for all the kids to enjoy, which help reinforce the truths they are learning each day.

For my part, I get to be Moses, and along with Beth Cummings, we are leading the Bible time. Some energy required 😊. Each day has its own unique “catch phrase”, but the catch phrases for all the days have the same conclusion. Today’s catch phrase was “God gives us what we need, so… TRUST GOD!”. And the kids holler and cheer along as they recite the catch phrase, particularly those last two words. Tomorrow we will say “God gives us strength, so… TRUST GOD!”. The singular big idea we are trying to make to the kids this week is clear: Trust God!

May those words we are teaching the kids this week not simply be nice things we teach to the children! Far from it, my hope for myself, and my hope for everyone in our church body, is that we would be actively living out that declaration. There are certainly so many situations and circumstances of life where we will do well to Trust God. And if you know the Lord, then I can say with confidence that He has already given you enough reasons to trust Him wholly.

I hope and pray that the kids at VBS this week walk away with some clarity on what it means to “Trust God!”, though I know it is truly a life-long journey of learning to trust Him. I am thankful for all the kids who are coming to VBS who may not hear that message of Trusting God on a regular basis in their homes. What a wonderful thing that they can be exposed to the truth that the God of the Universe can be known and can be trusted! For those of us who know the Lord, and who have children in VBS, I am hopeful that this message of dependence on the Lord isn’t a new message for our kids at all. I am hopeful that as our kids look at our lives and as they remember our conversations at home, that they will experience at home what it looks like to Trust God in the real moments of daily living. May we who are parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles model this dependence on God, and may we talk about it often enough that when our kids hear something similar at VBS, it isn’t new information, but instead, that it is very familiar to them.

I don’t know what kinds of challenges you might be facing today, or even in the coming weeks and months. What I do know is that we serve a God who can be trusted in the little things and the big things of life. He invites each of us, including both kids and adults, to do all we can to TRUST GOD!!!

Pastor Ryan Donovan

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