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Twenty-Two Drops of Grace

I have been writing an article for the Evergreen Connection most every week for 22 years.  Sometimes I know the subject days in advance, and other times I muse till the deadline looms. Today it’s the latter. Today’s date is provocative, having more than enough twos to score a Yahtzee. But I couldn’t think of anything clever or compelling on that line so I ditched the idea. I have decided instead to share some glimpses of grace God continues to shower on his good world we have made such a mess of. Like the rain, these drops of grace fall on the righteous and the unrighteous. (Mt. 5:45) To the one, these are good gifts from the Father.  To the other, they are invitations to look up and consider from whence these blessings flow.

  1. Sunshine through the window
  2. Smile from a stranger
  3. First sip of coffee
  4. Jaw-dropping catch for the win
  5. Discovering money in your pocket
  6. Laughing till it hurts
  7. Providentially perfect song on the radio
  8. Scent of sagebrush and ponderosa pine
  9. Baby napping on your chest
  10. A moment’s relief from the pain
  11. Sparrow on the sill
  12. Snow in the foothills
  13. Plunge of an osprey
  14. Sleep…finally
  15. Waking to your day off
  16. Flannel anything
  17. Kid saying the darndest thing
  18. Wood polished by years of touch
  19. Grandmother’s hands
  20. Peace in the home
  21. Holy awe in the congregation
  22. Knowing these are but a foretaste

Pastor Toby

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