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What’s Next?

Alicea and I are preparing for the next chapter in our lives. We are closing up shop in Vancouver and are heading to Weatherford, Texas. Weather-where? It is North-East Texas near the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I will be stepping out of vocational ministry for the time being and I will be pursuing a career in teaching. There is an opportunity for me to become a teacher starting in July at my niece’s and nephew’s private school where I would teach Bible and history. We are blessed that Alicea works remotely so she can keep her job during this transition period.

When we look back at this past year it has been full of incredible memories. Our time with the students and EBC family have impacted us significantly. We are very thankful and blessed to have been part of such a wonderful family. The friendships we have made here will last a lifetime.

When people say that there are moments that are bittersweet, this is one of those moments. It is bitter as tomorrow is my last day with the youth group. I have poured a lot of love and energy into these students, and I love each one of them dearly. I continue to pray for their spiritual wellbeing and the future God has for them. It is bitter because this weekend will be my last weekend at church. My last weekend hearing Toby preach, Ryan Aufenkamp sing, and Ryan Donovan give announcements. It will be my last weekend catching up with EBC family members on a regular, face-to-face basis. We love each person here at EBC.

It is sweet because God was not surprised by this decision. He has plenty of opportunities for us in Texas. We are hopeful that He provides some relief regarding Alicea’s health. We are excited to see how the Lord uses us to bless new people we encounter. I am most excited about new evangelistic opportunities!

As we approach our February 5th leave-date, we would appreciate prayers in a number of ways. We would love prayer for tomorrow night with the students. It will be an emotional one for everyone involved. We would appreciate prayer for safety as we drive to Texas. We are unsure of which route we are taking due to weather, so we will decide that last minute. Please also pray for a job to open up for me from February to July and for the school position to work out. Lastly, and most importantly, please pray for Alicea’s health to improve during this trip.

We truly love you all,

In Yeshua,
Matt Arnett

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