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When They’re Planning Your Funeral

The basic supplies I use when helping plan a funeral are a yellow pad, a box of tissues and a listening ear.  As a pastor it is not uncommon for me to be involved in such preparations but it has never become just another one of the tasks of the day.  It is sobering, sacred and prompts many thoughts, feelings and questions.

  • Even a good obituary falls pathetically short of accurately describing a person’s life.
  • The look of joy in a wedding picture is worth more than a box of gold.
  • How long do regrets last?
  • There are some wounds that will never fully heal this side of glory.
  • Notes they wrote in the margin of their Bible are deeply meaningful and sometimes almost prophetic.
  • How can I help provide a glimpse of this person, uniquely made in the image of God?
  • Everyone should periodically have to help plan a funeral so as to remember the brevity and importance of life.
  • There is no deeper comfort than the confident assurance the deceased had placed their full confidence in Jesus Christ and his work on the cross.

Eventually I will be involved in a funeral in which I will contribute nothing more than my body.  In the meantime, helping honor those who have gone before me helps prepare me for that day.

Pastor Toby

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