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Why We All Play a Role in Missions

This past Saturday we took a group of 24 teens and youth staff to a conference called Mission Connexion. As you can probably guess from the title, the goal of the conference is to expose people to missions and to learn about the work God is doing in the lives of people all over the world. Our time at the conference opened with Sean McDowell teaching on how we can engage our culture for Christ. Even if our students didn’t take much from his message, it was impossible to miss his t-shirt that read, “Jesus the Ultimate Deadlifter”.

The final speaker we heard was Sameh Maurice who is a pastor of the largest church in the Middle East located in Cairo, Egypt. He shared some incredible stories of the work God is doing among Arabs in the Middle East, and I felt especially grateful that our students were able to directly hear stories about God’s active work in cultures we don’t have natural access to.

Whether any of our students make the decision to enter some form of cross-cultural ministry or not, times like this are important because it reminds us that we all play an essential role in missions.

Four reasons we all play a role in missions:

  1. We are all sent to make disciples! One of the main points Sean McDowell made is “Sometimes it feels like missions is something we do, but it is often harder to just engage those around us in daily life.” If we only think about missions in terms of going somewhere else to do something else, we are completely missing the point. We are all called to use our lives missionally, whether that means to join a ministry in our church, share Christ with our family members, or pursue relationships with the neighbors or coworkers who may never want to step into a church. We are all sent out for Jesus!
  2. Missions connects us to the worldwide Church! Learning about cross-cultural ministry is a practical way to be encouraged about what God is doing in other cultures and to know how we can love and support our brothers and sisters in the greater body of Christ.
  3. Some need to be sent to places in the world with less access to the gospel! In order for the great commission to be accomplished of taking the gospel to “all nations,” some will have to be willing to go where there is limited or no access to the good news of Jesus!
  4. Those sending play just as big of a role as those going! Sending missionaries involves a lot more than just giving financially. The ways we disciple, train, pray, encourage, and support our missionaries before and after they go on the field plays a huge role in their ability to effectively serve.

Psalm 96:3 states, “Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples!” My prayer is that we can all have a renewed vision for what it means to live missionally for the kingdom of God this week!

Jacob Abrahamson
Youth Pastor

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