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You Really Should Have Been There

“Well Martha, all I can say is, you really should have been there.” That’s the opening line from a high school play I was in and I still remember it after 32 years. The line was delivered by an old grandpa, voicing his disappointment that his wife had missed out on something or other, but I can’t remember what. I just remember the line.

Perhaps it was the annual church business meeting? No, I’m certain it wasn’t that. But I’m also certain that line will be fitting if Evergreen Bible is your church and you miss the Annual Meeting this Sunday night at 6pm. Think this is just typical pastor ra ra talk? Here are five reasons I truly believe you really should come.

  1. You said you would come.  At least, the 172 of you who are members said so. You said you did not want to just come to church, you wanted to be the church. The annual meeting is typically our only all-church meeting of the year and is simply essential to truly be a member. If you’re not a member, this is a great chance to see what Evergreen is all about as you consider committing yourself to membership as well.
  2. Your heart needs it. Life is a battle and it is easy for the aches and pains and weariness to dominate our view. The annual meeting is a chance to scramble up to a higher vantage point and better see our path. You’ll be encouraged to see the miles we’ve completed as well as the next stretch coming up and you’ll remember why it is good to be part of a church family that is bearing fruit in every good work.
  3. We have truly epic news. There is really encouraging news at pretty much every annual meeting, but this year will include an item that is in the once-in-a-generation category. Yes, this is a shameless tease and part of my strategy to persuade you to come to the meeting. But I do so for your own sake. You don’t want to miss this. If you do, it won’t be just me saying, “Well, all I can say is, you really should have been there.”

Pastor Toby

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