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Your Truth or Your Life

The irony could not be more bitter: Hundreds of thousands of women marched last Saturday in cities across America to defend the industry that kills hundreds of thousands of the youngest women every year, and the youngest men along with them. The march is billed as a celebration, but it makes me want to weep.

It was literally painful to read the New York Times article on the event.  It hurt to hear leaders of black women declaring that unlimited access to abortion was essential for their advancement.  It hurt to be reminded that a pattern of widespread, ongoing violation of women by men has contributed greatly to our embracing of abortion. Perhaps worst of all, it hurt to see thousands of young girls being taught that aborting their child is a right they should fight for.  Our sweet girls are being taught to fight, quite literally, to the death.

There are foundational truths that you can’t not know.  Murder is wrong and a baby (even a tiny one) is a person, I would argue, are among those truths.  The only way to not know such truths is to work at it.  One must trade it for an alternate, seemingly preferable, reality; exchanging the truth of God for a lie. (Romans 1:25) Such an exchange darkens our hearts and we risk becoming locked into the lie.

I look at the faces of the women in the pictures from the march: grim, unrelenting and proud.  I picture myself trying to persuade them to stand for life instead.  The imaginary conversation does not go well.  They are unmoved.  My words have no power…until I direct my words also to the Creator – who is forever praised. Amen. He is the One who has the power to open eyes and reveal truth which leads to life.  Even those who have come to see taking life as a virtue?  Yes, for such was the apostle Paul.

Pastor Toby

Here is an excellent tool to help you pray for the valuing of life in America.

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